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ClearChoice Sealing & Striping is your local expert for Asphalt Sealcoating, Parking Lot Line Striping, Pothole Repair, Asphalt Maintenance, Speed Bumps, Parking Blocks, ADA Compliance and so much more! Contact us for your FREE estimate today!

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ClearChoice Sealing & Striping is here to help as your premier sealcoating company in Paducah KY! Our goal is to help protect, preserve and maintain your asphalt surface because repaving should be your last resort. We provide qaulity, long-lasting solutions for your surfaces.

If you’re looking for pothole repair, the best parking lot line painter, blacktop sealer or anything else relating to asphalt maintenance in Paducah KY, ClearChoice Sealing & Striping can help!

No matter if you need work done on your personal driveway, a church, an apartment complex, a business park or plaza, a hotel, an office plaza, a retail store, restaurant, car dealership or anything else in Paducah KY, you’re going to get nothing but the best from ClearChoice Sealing & Striping. We aim to provide our clients with the highest level of customer service & work possible. We’ll treat your asphalt surfaces as if they were our own.

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    My driveway has never looked this good. Excellent workmanship, extremely professional and courteous.

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  • out of 5 stars

    Our driveway looks so much better!! Thank you for the great job!!

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    We have used them twice. They did a great job sealing our driveway!!!

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The best way to get in touch is to call 270-556-7080 or use the send us a text feature on the website. We provide personal attention to every customer.

How much will it cost to seal my driveway or parking lot? That’s a question we get asked almost on the daily. I thought I would take a quick moment to discuss the different factors that come into play when determining a price for asphalt sealcoating and repair.

Let's start from the beginning. A customer calls and request an estimate at 1234 Boulevard lane, while the customer is on the phone we will ask a few questions about the condition of the driveway . Some of those include the age of the driveway, the last time it was sealed, does it have any cracks, are any repairs required? By asking these questions and taking a quick measurement online we can provide the customer with a rough estimate to see if the project fits within their budget . Once its determined the project is a good fit we will arrange a meeting with the customer or provide a time when we will stop by for a physical inspection and gather contact info to send the proposal to.

Upon arrival at the site there are many factors taken into account,with the first being how clean is the driveway, does it have lots of moss or overgrowth that will need to be cleared from the edges.We then perform a complete asphalt evaluation, looking at how oxidized (grey) does the asphalt appear, is it raveling a great deal, how many cracks does it have, are there areas of spider cracking, and does the asphalt require any areas be cut out and replaced or patched with cold patch. Once all of these factors are taken into account we can provide the customer with an appropriate plan of action. Those plans can include a 1 or 2 coat application of sealer ,installing crack seal and the appropriate type of repairs based on the customers budget.

From that point we take into account how much time, material and labor the job will require and utilizing a specific set of data can determine the complete cost of the job. We will then provide a quote via email or text and wait for approval . We are often asked ” how much do you charge per sq ft? ” Typically we don’t offer a particular number because as you see there are just too many factors that come into play when determining the cost. Hopefully this helps to clear up why 2 driveways the exact same size might cost a dramatically different amount.

In closing always check out the contractor your dealing with and ask yourself these questions, are they local? do the have a good reputation both online and word of mouth? will you be able to reach them once the check clears? There are many good asphalt contractors in our area to choose from so remember to stay local and protect your asphalt !!

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